It’s Been One Hell Of A Year

Did you think I had forgotten? Did you think I had forgiven?

Forgiven you for reading my blog, that is. You bastard.

An awful lot has happened in the last year – I’ve gone from simply posting more regularly on this blog – to starting a whole new website with a colleague – to actual Staff Writer-ship at an established member of the gaming press. What a year.

I deserve this. Give me wine.

Of course, the ups haven’t been without their downs. – the website I helped set up – is no longer running, the 40-odd posts written on there seemingly lost to the void. I was hoping to host the whole lot on here, but that may not be possible. Such a shame to lose so much work – but at the very least I keep the experience points I gained and the levels earned.

If you’re an aspiring games journalist – or just a writer of any kind – I cannot stress enough the importance of writing daily. I got used to writing an article every weekday, during my work lunch break, cranking out an article in roughly 45 minutes. And the effect it had on my writing was incredible. As time went by, I found the words coming easier and easier. “Practice makes perfect” should be news to no-one, but it’s always nice to see it proven correct.

You’re doing it wrong.

Oh, and yes, I’m writing over at now. And while you can find all my awesome posts in one place, I heavily recommend spending some time on there.

So I’m closer to becoming a full time gaming write-y person, but still nowhere near the point I can make this my actual job. The YouTube channel is in a similar spot – tantalisingly close to a hundred subs, but never quite getting over that tipping point. Yeah, a hundred subs doesn’t seem like all that when PewDiePie recently hit 50 million, but when it’s your baby even such a low milestone makes you so happy.

It’s actually been a very enjoyable year on the channel. I started making a new type of content with 5 Video Games That Games Workshop NEEDS To Make, based on Total War: WARHAMMER. I really enjoyed making that type of video, and I’ve been totally remiss in not making more of them yet. Probably something based around the obscene amount of Overwatch or modded Skyrim I’ve been playing recently.

I also sometimes stream on Twitch, and occasionally through the streaming feature on Facebook (even though that sucks). I’m planning on streaming some sweet, sweet Overwatch soon, so keep your eyes open for that.

That’s it for now – feel free to sub on YouTube, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter for updates and jolly co-operation. Laters!

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