About? About? What is this blog about? It’s about me. It’s about the stuff I like, the stuff I find interesting, and the stuff that makes me want to write.

Who am I?

None of your business.

But seriously – hi! The name’s Mark – The Easily Distracted Gamer himself, more often known as “Madness”. Or “TehMadness”, since I just had to pick an online handle that had already been taken on most sites.

This blog began waaaay back in 2010, primarily as a personal blog to talk about the games I was playing, and to give me a platform to write on. And boy, has it changed over the years – I now also write about stuff other than games[citation needed]!

Since then, I’ve posted roughly once or twice a year, started a YouTube channel, and continued to neglect this blog before finally moving it onto WordPress and making it into the pretty princess it should always have been. Ain’t she a beaut, folks?

But yeah, that’s me. If you need to contact me, you can do so at mark.jansen@edgamer.co.uk. If you want to check out my extended portfolio, you can do so at the following link: https://markjansen.contently.com/

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