It’s Been One Hell Of A Year

Did you think I had forgotten? Did you think I had forgiven?

Forgiven you for reading my blog, that is. You bastard.

An awful lot has happened in the last year – I’ve gone from simply posting more regularly on this blog – to starting a whole new website with a colleague – to actual Staff Writer-ship at an established member of the gaming press. What a year.

I deserve this. Give me wine.

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Been a long time, been a long time

Been a long, lonely lonely lonely lonely tiiiiiime!

It’s been a while, blog-readers! Since I’ve been away, I’ve gotten a job (writing news articles for Latest Choice – look! You can see my articles on the front page, look! I’m famous!) and started a new blog site.

Since I was doing news for pay, I found that I was really enjoying writing short and informative news articles. So I decided to start a new blog to report my own games news – stuff that I’m interested in. Sure, it’s mostly mainstream games stuff, but it’s a lot less formal than the stuff I write in my job, and it allows me to really go to town with my opinions and gives a way to write when I don’t really want to write such long posts as I do on this site. And that was the problem with this blog; I don’t always want to do such long posts.

But I’m not abandoning this blog – oh no, not at all! For one thing, I still have almost a year left on this domain name. But I will be spending a lot of time over at my new(s) blog; which you can find over at Blogspot. I aim to make the updating on that site daily with new articles, about hopefully different games.

Hopefully I’ll be able to update this blog more often, but finding something to write about, and the muse to continue writing the post, has proven quite difficult recently.

Oh, and I have a Technorati profile now. The ED News is doing well, but sadly this site really needs to be updated before it can keep rising.

Coming soon: Deus Ex: Human Revolution.