TroldenWatch is back!

I’ve been a fan of Trolden’s Hearthstone videos for a long time now. His series – up to 226 episodes as of time of writing – comprises of funny and random moments from professional and amateur Hearthstone play. It’s a format that’s by no means unique, but Trolden is the person who does it best. His sense of humour, editing skills, and musical taste are 100% on fleek.

Trolden had previously created an Overwatch-centric channel too, posting similar videos from Blizzard’s team-based first-person shooter, Overwatch. His regard was such that Blizzard even offered him a spot in the beta, helping to boost even more of the Overwatch-hype that we saw so much of last year. Unfortunately, the channel had gone into decline, with Trolden posting very little since Overwatch was actually released.

With the impending release of Orisa, however, Trolden seems to have found a new lease of (Overwatch) life, posting four new videos over the last week. And as a fan of the format, his work, and of Overwatch, I can only welcome him back and recommend that everyone check out both of his channels.

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