Video game sites give own audience a bad “Rapp”

These days, I only seem to post if I’m angry about something. My “buggery of the highest regard” tag is getting one hell of a workout of late, and mostly because there’s a lot to get angry about.

Nintendo staffer Alison Rapp has under a sustained smear campaign ever since she was accused of being behind the supposed censorship of Nintendo’s games. And because this is the Internet, this led to a bunch of fuckwits digging into her past, her university papers – and most shockingly of all – her Amazon wishlist in search of dirt to tarnish her name. And unfortunately, they succeeded. On Wednesday, Rapp announced her dismissal from Nintendo via Twitter.

And you know what? This is a fucking tragedy. A young and talented person has lost their job because of the actions of some deluded idiots on the Internet. This young woman’s life is pretty close to ruined, and she didn’t even commit the crime of wearing an offensive shirt. Frankly, she seems like a nice lass, and certainly not deserving of the hate that came her way.

And it was her birthday week? Srsly, fuck those bastard.
The fact it was her birthday week makes it even fucking worse!

But putting her personal – and very real – tragedy aside. You might not have even been aware Alison Rapp existed before you opened this page. And I can’t blame you for that, because I didn’t know she existed either. You might also be a “gamer”. You, too, may feel bad for what happened to this poor woman. You may want to read more about this heinous crime, and the events that led up to it.

For god’s sake, don’t look to VG 24/7 for that.

For VG 24/7, it clearly wasn’t enough that this was a very personal tragedy, committed by people with a bandwidth larger than their IQs. It wasn’t enough that this was yet another case of mob brutality from the Internet. It wasn’t enough to simply call it what it was, and not use this to push an agenda.

The first line – THE VERY FIRST – proudly and ignorantly states:

Another glorious day for “gamer culture”.

I played a game yesterday. Hell, I probably played one on the toilet at ten o’clock this morning (just after my coffee – I’m very regular). I guess that makes me a gamer, and involved in “gamer culture”. Does that make me complicit in this unfeeling and thoughtless act?

Well, fuck. Apparently it does.

Jesus fucking Christ. Even fucking Kotaku described her haters as “an amorphous group of pissed off gamers“. I’m not one of those – I know I’m not one of that, and I can safely hate those bastards. But when all you say is “gamer culture”… congratulations! You’ve successfully alienated pretty much everyone who clicks on your link. Regardless of how you felt going in, if you’ve so much as sneezed at a game recently this is your fault. You bastard!

Lets forget about all those times that “gamer culture” has raised money for charity. Let’s forget about the fact that roughly 70% of the United Kingdom plays games. Journey is one of the most beautiful games ever created, and it’s one that celebrates all the little ways that humans communicate and bond – but it’s a game, and unfortunately, that means it played a part in getting Alison Rapp fired. I guess we should all quit. Go home. It’s all fucked.

This article actually manages to hit the nail on the head, though I suspect it did so accidentally.

Is this is the culture the late, great Satoru Iwata envisioned while working tirelessly to open the world of video games to everybody?

Firstly – Satoru Iwata was a part of gamer culture, and therefore evil. Come now, stick to your own rhetoric.


The key word here is “everybody”. Gaming being open to more people is not a bad thing. I love this hobby, and I love to share it with others, especially those with different opinions to my own. Variety is the spice of life, and if I can chat with my boss about Clash Royale, or bond with some strange over their Mario t-shirt, that’s brilliant. I love it.

The problem is that some people are dicks. Complete knobheads. And it stands to reason that increasing the amount of gamers will increase the amount of dickheads in the community. And that’s not something that anyone can be expected to control. Anyone’s ability to stop people being dicks depends entirely on how persuasive they are, or how big their stick is. Not much else helps. The closed nature of certain subcommunities only makes this worse, with the phenomenon of the echo chamber reinforcing opinions and escalating emotions until the lynch mob lurches into life. It happens in politics, religion, and anywhere where people can be expected to have opinions. It’s human nature. And it’s certainly not the fault of everyone in the community when a minority take action based on their own faulty logic.

Honestly, who blames the entirety of a community for the actions of a few and demonises them based on that very faulty logic? No fully functioning person that I can think of.

Not a fully functioning human.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where people didn’t immediately run to make scapegoats as fast as possible for sensationalist press?

But hey, in the meantime, let’s hope that Alison Rapp gets another job soon.

And fuck VG 24/7 for letting that horseshit get through editorial. You fucking morons.

One thought on “Video game sites give own audience a bad “Rapp”

  1. It wasn’t until this year that I actively began to on a daily basis read gaming news, articles, posts, etc. and it is just mindblowing how people too often throw any sense of morality out the window. Sadly, “gamers” have become represented by the worst of the community. The loudest, vilest, people are what are noticed and picked up by the media and now this is the image which has started appearing in people’s minds when “gamers” are mentioned. It would go a long way if the news sites which report on these stories would do a better job of not lumping these cretins in with the rest of the community.

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