No more free packs in Tavern Brawl?

One free pack per week during the opening celebration of Tavern Brawl.

I think we were all ignoring that second part. But I guess it’s time to pay the piper. Last week’s Brawl was the first to not have a free pack as a prize for your first victory, instead granting a Christmas-themed card back.

Which was good, because last week’s Brawl was shit and I really didn’t want to play it.

I mean, I did anyway. But I didn’t enjoy it. And that card back can go into the ever-growing pile of card backs I simply do not give a fuck about.

Card backs used to be something fun, something cool to look at, but they’ve gotten so blasé recently. Only a year or so ago, I would be genuinely interested in what card back my opponent had. Now, I couldn’t even tell you what card back I’m using. At a guess, it might be the Heroes of the Storm one. Maybe?

I went and checked. It wasn’t.

It was the Grand Tournament one, or something. Who even cares?

Card packs to card backs. It’s one letter, but it makes such a difference.  I still have a lot of Legendary cards to get from the Classic set, and one of those could be in there… And no, no none of them are. Just another copy of Bestial Wrath. But at least the dust can go towards something cool. Like Rag.

Awww, yis. (Credit)

And putting aside the tremendous fun that some Brawls are, that’s what this was really good for – bulking out the collections of people who didn’t want to – or couldn’t afford to – buy card packs. Hell, I buy card packs, and I appreciate the extra pack. I don’t have all the Classic cards, and there’s just something nice about opening a random booster pack.That random element is what makes CCGs fun, and knowing that any booster pack could contain any card… it’s kinda nice. And it keeps me coming back.

Perhaps the worst sin is the fact that this only makes it harder for new players to get in the game. They already have to grind to level 20 with one hero to even access the best part of Hearthstone (and it is the best. Fuck the Arena).

Why wait until level 20? Probably because Blizzard believes that their playerbase is too stupid to fully grasp the ideas without first having put a significant amount of time in.

What a load of bollocks.

It’s this shit that means we don’t get more nine deck slots. Blizzard is worried we’ll get confused with more than nine slots.

Fuck’s sake.

Blizzard, we won’t get confused, one more pack a week won’t stop people from buying cards, and fuck, please level up the Basic cards a bit… it’s hard enough trying to ladder with the collection I have. I can only shudder at the thought of how hard it would be to start from the beginning.

“Never be used AGAINST ME!” *Sobs uncontrollably*

…yeah, I’m going to go and ladder now. But I’m going to do it grumpily.

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