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Greetings easily distracted!

It’s been a while. Some might say too long. Personally, I say two years is a good time between blog posts. Everyone needs their chance to recharge, and everyone has their own recharge time. Mine just happens to be longer than most.

And you’re not allowed to criticise me for it, because I’m a delicate little flower that can’t take criticism.

Wow, the gaming landscape has changed since I last posted on here. We’ve seen SJWs run rampant, the whole GamerGate chronicle, THAT Law & Order episode… *shudder*

Pictured: possibly the worst thing to come out of GamerGate. If you don’t count all the horrid abuse.

Honestly, I’m kinda glad I never got the chance to dip my toe into that cesspool. For a while, Tumblr and Twitter were the kind of places that would make Mos Eisley’s worst think about their life choices. People capitalised on the suffering of others to get cheap views to their blogs, videos and articles, but I – I kept myself above that all.

Not for any moral reasons, you understand. Simply because I’m too stupid, too lazy, and too cowardly to get involved.

A lot has changed in the past two years. No longer am I a penniless student. For a while I was a penniless Starbucks barista. Now, I’m a slightly less penniless 9-5er. For five whole days so far.

Lok’tar ogar!

Not only that, but I created a YouTube channel. About gaming. Quelle surprise! And that meant I neglected this poor blog for some time. But not to worry! Because I now neglect my YouTube channel too!

Anyway, here is a link to my Can’t Stop the Madness YouTube channel. And because I’m extra nice, here’s a link to one of my most popular videos. It’s me screaming. A lot.

I am planning on getting some content out on here. I promise. I do still enjoy writing about the games I love, and I will get more videos on the YouTube channelĀ  too. In the pipeline; less Let’s Plays, more funny shit, more informative shit, and more of whatever else you guys might find interesting.

So… this is me now. I hope you guys stick around to see some more. Let’s get this show back on the road.

Madness out.