Infinity: The Quest for Earth

I know I said I’d update my blog with past games before I did anything else, but this really needs to go into here as a mini-update. Frankly, this game needs as much publication as it can possibly get, because it looks incredible.

What game am I talking about? Infinity, of course.

The game, a brainchild of Flavien Brebion, is an attempt to create a truely infinite game universe. It uses procedural generation to create a seamless game world, from deep space, to orbit, to landing on a planet’s surface. And that’s not all – the creators have promised that every star in the sky will be able to be visited, and again, procedurally generated. It seems that procedural generation is the future, as already seen in theHunter. From my experience from that game, procedural generation can create beautiful landscapes, with little memory space.

Infinity: The Quest for Earth now holds the hopes that I originally had for Spore. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the video in beautiful HD!