A New Look – Feedback Requested

Welcome to the new design of the blog! I was starting to find the last design was really grating on me – and frankly, it was quite messy. There was too much information I didn’t care about putting out there – not enough room for the information I wanted to convey – and the whole layout just wasn’t really viable for a gaming blog.

So this is the new layout! I’ve gone for a sleeker, cleaner look to try and reduce the amount of stuff on any given page at any given time. And while I’m not 100% sold on the giant banner at the top of the page, I think this is a great new visual direction for EDGamer.  Eventually, I’d like to look at expanding this site into WordPress.org, checking out hosting options, and getting full access to that sweet, sweet HTML behind the page for full control. But realistically, we’re fairly far away from that lofty goal – and my current situation doesn’t require much more than what WordPress offers me right now.

Wordpress's mascot (apparently)
Aww, WordPress so cute.

So yeah – I hope you guys like the new look! I’d like to request any feedback you have in the comments below – let me know what you think of the new EDGamer! Should have some more content up fairly soon; I’ve been powering through games fairly quickly recently, and I’m dying to discuss them with you all.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my other blog over at The Other Side Of The Mountain! It’s there I discuss anything not directly gaming-related, and there’s some pretty awesome little pieces over there. Look forward to seeing you over there!


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