Why Uni Kinda Sucks

Good lord, it’s been a long time. This isn’t a Blogcritics post, and lord knows I could put a couple of those up. But hey, this doesn’t really have a point, and Blogcritics isn’t the best place in the world anyway. But it’s a good way to get publicity, and publicity is a good thing to have kids.

This week on childrens hour, indeed.

So yes, it HAS been a long time. And I’m not gonna apologise, because university has kept me busy with a fuckton of work. ED news went slightly under simply because I got buried with assignments and reading that needed doing. Dear god, it’s been one hell of a time that I have been having.

But since I last posted, a lot of things have happened. Skyrim happened, for one thing. And then Skyrim went away, and I started playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood again. Yes, I haven’t bought Revelations yet, but to you I say ‘fuck you!’. You don’t have the Student Loans company fucking up how much money you’re supposed to have. But once I do, you fuckers will pay–


Where was I?

Oh yes, game heaven. Skyrim was something else. I still am disappointed by some of the things that they sacrificed, but I’m sure that those whiny posts have been covered by other, more popular blogs. And I’ll probably have a post up about it sooner or later anyway. I’ll try not to be too whiny, I promise. Probably something about magic, and how it needs to have more oomph.

That isn’t what this post is about though. This post is a general post that needs to be made when I’m slightly tipsy and my girlfriend is playing Minecraft on my PC.

And I’m out of things to say, for now.


If you don’t have– oh, who am I kidding? You already have Skyrim.

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