Hacker Evolution Duality

I’m a fan of hacking games, and I have been since before Uplink was released. I think a lot of the pull of hacking is the nerd-glamour in being someone who can slip through cyberspace like a ninja. Never disturbing anything and taking whatever he/she wants. Considering the furore that LulzSec have inspired over this past month, I’m glad I’ve never looked at it beyond a brief daydream and the fascination with Neo’s hacking in the Matrix.

But I digress. Video games about hacking have always been my only option – law keeping paragon that I am. So when I found Uplink, I was overjoyed. Uplink was the kind of game that I needed; complex, yet simple enough to get in to. The later jobs required you to know exactly what you were doing, but I never considered it cheating to look at Google. It was never metagaming, as I could imagine a ‘real’ hacker doing the same. Uplink was an amazing game.

But like all games, it got boring. Uplink got boring around the time it asked me to either save or destroy the internet by siding with one of two corporations. I chose to bury my head in the sand and hope the problem went away. It didn’t, and my game ended with the internet being destroyed by a virus. Shit. Never let it be said that my neutral outlook on life has never gotten me into trouble. My options in further games were to get a lot better a lot quicker, in order to actually do stuff for one of the two corporations. And that just seemed like hard work I couldn’t be bothered with.

So when I saw a Steam advert for Hacker Evolution Duality, I was excited. I checked out the page and it looked good. In fact, the GUI looks awesome. Something like the interface Boris uses in GoldenEye, but swankier. It was coming out soon, but I had little cash, so I dismissed it for later. Today, I decided to take another look, and decide if it was worth buying or not. So I watched a video I found on YouTube.

Doesn’t it look exciting?

I know it’s Alpha footage, but I still expect something that the developers themselves show on their website to be something that actually excites me. Frankly, that looks about as compelling as clicking on a menu screen. A menu screen that takes 17 seconds to register each click. I really hope that there’s more to the game than that, and I cannot afford to spend £11.96 finding out. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like any major gaming websites have even looked at it, and that’s a shame, because this could be big. Granted, it might not be the best time to release a hacking game, for obvious reasons, but it could at least try to ride the controversy wave.

I’ll be keeping my eye on this one, but I’m not hopeful. I assume that Hacker Evolution was the preceeding game to this one, and that didn’t fare very well. Perhaps they can learn from their mistakes and pull an Uplink-beater from the bag. But they’ll need a lot more than was shown in this video, and it needs to be more than just clicking. I expect my hacking games to have much more involvement than that. Even if it’s just a screen that says TYPE VERY FAST NOW.

I’m sure I could beat that.

Uplink is available on Steam for £5.99. Hacker Evolution Duality is currently 20% off at £11.96 and is released on the 30th of June. Preordering gets you into the Beta, so if you buy it, let me know how it is.

2 thoughts on “Hacker Evolution Duality

  1. I stumbled across this blog on Google, as I searched for this game. I wanted to see other people's reactions about the duality beta.

    Like you, I thought it was gonna be amazing, and when I watched the youtube video, I was disappointed, because frankly; It was nowhere close to a realistic depiction of what hacking really is like (personal years of experience in the field).

    So I bought the beta to try it out, and I can honestly say:

    Do *not* buy this piece of shit.

    There is only a single mission, granted, and all you have to do is click a few buttons… There's no puzzle or any sort of brain-power associated with this. I caught myself reading the fucking manual, because I was in denial of how easy-mode the game was… I was so sure that I had missed something.

    Surely, I cannot comment on how good the actual game is on release, but so far I feel like i've just wasted £12 on nothing. Thank exosyphen.

    PS: I commented on the youtube video, and exosyphen wrote back to my comment stating that this was alpha footage, and the release version was gonna have much more to feature. But I have my doubts after seeing how pathetic the framework is.


  2. Hi there! Glad to hear from you.

    I did make a slight rebuttal to this post in a later one, after I'd played the games beforehand. And yeah, they're still boring in a way, but they certainly required some thought to get around some of the puzzles. Others just involved knowing the right language, which was always a frustrating thing. At one point I got stuck in the tutorial because I couldn't figure out how to disconnect. I ended up restarting it 'cos I was sure I'd missed something. I hadn't. It's 'logout', apparently.

    But yes, the video does look awful. I haven't played the beta, but if it's just a slimmed down version of the other games… then it's not gonna be a lot of fun at all. I can only hope they add more.

    I probably won't be buying it either way though.


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